Hey yal. I've never actually owned my own amp before so i feel like I barely know any standards or whats what. I tried out my buddies spider 3 line 6 combo amp and at first thought it wasn't too bad. But when I really tried it, I hated it. I just asumed it was a lower grade crappy amp. I just spent 700 on a blackstar Ht Studio 20. But now I feal like I still just can't find a sound I acutually like. It just sounds so messy after I play around with all the settings. I'd love to get a sound like, blessed by a broken heart, enter shikari, or as i lay dying style. Anyone have any tips?
For the love of god, don't scoop your mids. Just saying that now because that is the number one problem that people have when trying to play metal core music. Put bass at around 3-5, mids around 6 and highs at 6-8. Then drop your ISF to around 2. Put gain in the 4-7 range.

You will need a tube screamer or other od to get the exact sound, but this should get you in the general area. I know i gave pretty specific settings, but it's been a long time since I've played with one, so i may be a bit off. Try that though, and tweak from there.
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