I'm thinking about modding my ibanez TS9DX but I've noticed it has developed an issue. When the pedal is off the darned thing still distorts the signal. It's hard to notice if the drive knob is down, but if I crank the drive the slight buzz becomes very noticeable and annoying.

Has anyone encountered this before? I imagine it has to do with the bypass but I'm still fairly new to this. I'm considering a true bypass mod to see if that might fix this issue. If you think the problem is somewhere else in the hardware I might not bother, since the problem may still be there. Any ideas?
my first assumption would be that the buffer is distorting your signal when it's switched off..if that's the case then true-bypassing it would solve your problem.

Alternatively you could try to find what's causing the issue with the buffer (considering your signal still runs through it with the effect turned on, so if something in the buffer IS the issue, it's always having some effect on the signal), but whether that's worth the effort or not is up to you really