Here's a question for you guys.
I have recently for some reason fallen in love with the tone of the vox AC30 with the channels jumped and the tubes running hot. Obviously this presents a problem as it might rattle the foundation of my home haha. On the back panel (its very hard to see in pictures) is there a way I can run an attenuator between the power section and the speakers?
thanks for the replies.
That's where attenuators go, between the speaker out connection and the speakers themselves.
Not a place you want to cheap out on though.
Well i knew where they go, i just wondered if the plugs between the speakers and the power section were compatible with an attenuator. Thanks for the replies.
go to www.tedweber.com and find their attenuator link. that diagram should help you. i also recommend their attentuators but only out of the trust of some other people - i have never used one. you will want to find a product that is 150%+ the wattage of what you have. they are not resistor based like a lot of other attenuators. they actually have a speaker simulator resistive motor that absorbs heat.

that said, attenuators also cause extra wear and 'heat' from your power tubes so think through this first. if you are looking for a cranked power tube tone (and not preamp) then this may work well for you, but don't buy one just to reduce volume (you mentioned your house walls or something) as you may end up dissapointed. make sure you don't unplug one of these things while the amp is powered up. I doubt anyone would do that but just sayin.

if you are looking for something cheaper - don't bother imo