Hi again everyone, i recently uploaded a song by my band Majority Vote and although the response was pretty mixed i think i generally got some good advice, so i thought i'd upload another son, this one is a little more upbeat (though again, the production/sound quality isnt excellent because we recorded it in our friend's attic) but still, let me know what you think, and if anyone has any music they want an opinion on, leave a link on your post and i'll check it out when i can the song is here: http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/majority-vote/
It's not me, it's you, it's not me, it's you
Always has been you
All the lies and stupid things
You say and do
It's you!


I like the upbeat style, similar to MCR, but the vocals sound kinda dead and boring They sound A LOT better in the bridge! More emotion.. like shes actually singing not murmuring.
Thanks man tbh i kind of agree the vocal section could be better, i mean Hayley (our singer) sounds great doing this song live (which is quite an achievement beacause she does throw herself around alot) but the way we recorded the vocal on this track made it quite disjointed :/ we'll definetley try to improve that when we record this proffesionaly.
Instrumentally, it sounds like it's mono. It could sound better if you double-track at least most of the guitar and pan them left & right (this only works if the playing is tight). Instrumental song writing is good. It would be nice if the drums had at least 2 mics to have them in stereo also (though I know micing drums isn't easy). Pretty good overall. Vocal melody & singing is OK. I was more impressed with the vocal melody on "You're My Doll." Actually I like "Doll" overall better (even though the guitar playing could be tighter at times). I haven't seen you guys play live, though it looks like the group has good stage presence. By the way, "Surf's Up" is my favorite family friendly computer generated animated movie. Please review my music at this link (I occasionally do surf rock also):

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