Hi guys

I have just recorded a little improvised blues solo, really put my heart into it, and wonder how anyone likes it? Check it out here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUVP5OH_uNQ.

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If you leave me a link to your video, I will try to take a look and leave you some constructive opinions.

Cheers from Czech Republic,

I thought this was pretty good - I liked the licks you were coming up with and your bends, vibrato and tremolo usage kept it interesting.

I'd say, if anything, I'd try to move around the fretboard a bit more. You were playing the standard E pentatonic first position at the 12th fret quite a lot in the video, and while there's nothing wrong with that I think you might find new ideas and such if you try playing around with other positions and scales. Maybe try to incorporate some more passing notes too?

Anyway, I think you're definately on the right tracks - Keep it up ^^;
Thank you. Well I guess I am mostly in the first position of the minor blues scale... I will try to work on it. I am quite new to this genre and am exploring its possibilities But I love this music. Thanks for the whammy compliment - I am a big fan of what Jeff Beck does (tho I am not near to that I guess ).