Who among you have heard this bullshit 'genre' tag before? In case you can't figure it out, it's meant to be a combination of Death Metal and Rock and roll, or death metal which is heavily influenced by classic rock and rock n roll. I say it's bullshit.

Apparently Entombed, Six Feet Under, and Gorefest all belong to this genre. I've never given any of them much attention, but I'm pretty sure that mostly they're either not really death metal at all, or they're some other type of heavy, classic rock influenced style.

This Gorefest song sounds more like Stoner/Doom than anything.

This Entombed song is just groovy death metal.

Six Feet Under, from what I can tell, have zero influence from classic rock or rock 'n' roll.

What lead me to make a thread about this, you ask?

I followed a link to The Cumshots - I Drink Alone because I thought it would be a hilarious hardcore punk band, but what I got instead was a Nickleback song with 'metal' riffs and production and death growls. I googled them to find out what genre they were meant to be, and came up with 'death 'n' roll.'

I think it's a bullshit genre and it doesn't exist.

There's Grind n Roll as well, which is a euphemism for really shit
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But SFU totally covered the whole Back in Black album!!!1
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Wasn't Hearse supposed to fit in D'n'R?
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WTF ARE all these lame genres? I think people just want to sound like they've got something new. Death'n'roll = Bull shit.
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Entombed did Kick Ass

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wow....entombed did go ****ing downhill.......These are all ****ing terrible. I could definetly hear some prog/classic rock in gorefest. None of the other band though
I must be one of about one people enjoying both Left Hand Path and Wolverine Blues more than Clandestine.
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They certainly did. I listened to Clandestine after The title track from Wolverine Blues, and it certainly, as you put it 'kicks ass.'
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WTF ARE all these lame genres? I think people just want to sound like they've got something new. Death'n'roll = Bull shit.

something new? the term death n roll has been floating around for over 15 years
wolverine blues was ok, everything else, meh
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something new? the term death n roll has been floating around for over 15 years
wolverine blues was ok, everything else, meh

this. Entombed arguably put out the only decent material in this combination, but what was good for death'n'roll was still shit for Entombed.

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I've actually thought a lot about this.

On paper, I'd say it sounds like an excellent genre. In reality, it doesn't work at all. All it ends up as is very boring music.

You have the wall of sound death metal typically creates in order to be as brutal as possible- That's half of the point of the genre, crushing guitars and sledgehammer vocals. However the net result of this is to utterly destroy any semblance of dynamics the song had. On the other hand, the riffs and structure are taken from textbook classic rock styles like that of AC/DC, meaning there are rarely more than a handful of riffs to an entire song, and very simple verse-chorus arrangements.

Normally, in their parent genres, none of these things are a problem, because the music is developed in other ways to render it irrelevant- In DM you have the sheer speed, aggression and often technical complexity. In classic rock, you have the personality of those freewheeling 70s guitar solos and wailing singers. But so called "death n roll" neccesarrily eliminates these elements. It just doesn't mix.

Either way I wouldn't say it's a true genre, just a label given to shitty DM bands or bland hard rock bands who wish they were something more. There are only a handful of albums that could legitimately cite this as a genre.
Do you happen to know of any albums which mix these genres and don't end up floundering?

The "on paper" part has always made me wonder whether there's any bands that managed to overcome the difficulties and created something worthwhile - that is, besides Wolverine Blues, which I can't help but find an entertaining way to spend half an hour.
If I took this cigarette and put it out on you...

...would you love me?
The only one I've ever found that truly does it well, yes.

You might want to give The Haunted's early material a listen though, if you want something vaguely similar.
Hey man, I like Gorefest. They actually move around in the genre spectrum a lot. They have a lot of slow groovy stuff, some melodic stuff, some thrashy stuff with shredding, etc. I think they're pretty rad.

One Man Army and the Undead Quartet is a cool band that I've heard described as Death n' Roll: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVnDVB-atdg&feature=related I think they fall into more of a groove/death kind of thing though.
The title track on Wolverine Blues is fun, that is as far as i will touch the genre.
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Never been a fan of Six Feet Under. I've only listened to the death metal era of Entombed and refuse to listen to the Death N Roll stuff or whatever it is. Who came up with that name? I gotta say though, it's definitely a better genre name than "Djent". That shit is just ridiculous.
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I don't really see how anybody could consider that anywhere near anything that's almost worthy of being considered almost death metal, but it was pretty cool.