I work, have kids, married and the like but I do carve two hrs a day for practice. How would you break down that 2 hrs in terms of things to work on? I currently concentrate on speed and dexterity exercises, theory, and song learning.

Just looking for some fresh ideas.
What you are doing is good but dont forget to have fun as well, dont focus too much on technique and play the songs you ENJOY playing. You can also learn a lot by watching live videos, look at the hand position/phrasing/picking/whatever.
What works for one person may not work for another, so it's all a matter of how your brain works. Personally, I split the time I have into half hour chunks, and make sure I do each thing for half an hour. So I generally have 2 technique focus areas at any one time, so what I'll do if limited by a 2 hour block, as a rough example, is: half an hour of technique A, half an hour of technique B, half an hour learning/practicing a song, half an hour theory/improv.
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Definetly learn songs and theory and if you can try to analyze and learn from the song ( techniques and theory of the song ) When practicing for scales etc. you MUST practice within some kind of musical context. Know the key and just find some kind of backing track on youtube. This will help your improv skills. The way to get good at improving is to play until you are happy with your playing, REALLY HAPPY. This can take a VERY long time to develop but keep at it ( Most people never take the time to properly develop their own personal musical creativity which is why most people's music sounds like junk or like everyone elses) . Also when practicing within a musical context, you develop a sense of knowledge of the fretboard that you would never develop if you practice without jam tracks. ALso, you want to practice without jam tracks from time to time because it does help with ideas. Remeber , you are trying to "say" something on the guitar, not play 10000 notes per second aimlessly over chords. And whenever you play, sing it in your head.
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Stop concentrating on speed. Waste of time imo.. especially if you only have 2 hours.
How would i break those 2 hours if my goal was.....???

What is your goal?
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Plan your time before and make sure you dont day dream or any thing.

Exercises lasting just 5 minutes can be very beneficial. Literally set a timer and stop the exercise as soon as times up. This makes sure you get down to it as you know your push for time.

This helps you practice efficiently.