The tone is nothing special. It's just a typical high-gain tone with a lot of echo on it, both delay and reverb.

The playing is also pretty typical as far as shred goes. It's many hundreds, if not thousands, of hours spent repeating finger exercises and scales and other exercises over and over and over. That's how you develop that kind of fine-tuned muscle memory. It takes a long time and lots of reptitive practise but there's no particular 'trick' to it or special runs you need to learn. The hardest and most complex part is simply having the will to stick with it and to rememebr to start slowly and focus on precision and not speed. Most people rush it, they try to go too fast too soon, they never get the accuracy down and they give up after a few months. Go slow, expect to be practising for years rather than months, and you'll get it down eventually.
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