Just curious, been looking at programs they all seem college level (in Canada) and was just wondering if anyone has experience or knows if there are enough jobs in this field. Also, how do they pay? Or if anyone has any other expericens/ideas about making a living with music, I'd love to hear.

I'm applying to do an Audio Technology/Music Management course next year.
If the tech side fails, I could still be a PR or booking agent or something.

But if you're looking to work in studio, the pay is never going to be good unless you're either the studio owner, or a successful freelance producer.
There aren't too many jobs and the pay isnt good, unless you become well noticed at it. I wanted to do something with music for a living aswell, but I decided to go and do an apprenticeship instead.
It depends where you go. In Canada, or at least Ontario, or at least Toronto, the only way you have a good chance of landing a job out of college is at Harris or Metalworks. Anything else and good luck, chuck.
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I was going to the Art Institutes for Audio Production. Decided not to go a week before class started haha. Audio schools cost way too much (AI tuition was 27k a year, with food and housing it's like 37k) and there's just not many jobs out there. I talked to a studio owner in my home state of Minnesota and he basically said if you want to make a living you have to move to LA and try to get lucky. I decided a $100,000+ Audio Production degree price tag wasn't worth it for a high chance at not making a decent living. I'm going to a state university for something with computers now. I'll do recording as a hobby..
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You should look into foley artistry and maybe contracting for theatre and adverts and things. There are jobs there. I'd love to be the house composer for a theatre or theatre group.

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