Hey Pit

I'm trying to gain weight.
I'm 1.82 - 1.85 meters (6 - 6.1 feet) tall and I only weigh 60 kilo (132lbs).
1. What's the best way to gain weight [serious answers please (: ]?
2. How much weight can i realistically gain till February?

Thanks for all answers
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Oh how I would love to be in your situation. Pizza and coca cola every day. And beer. Beer. Beer.
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Burger World.

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Why do you want to gain weight? Trust me, there's nothing wrong with being skinny

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Lift weights to add muscle mass. Lift heavier weights at lesser reps instead of lighter weights at more reps.


Don't eat breakfast, eat a big lunch, and don't eat dinner until right before you go to bed. This is how people get fat and don't understand why.
Unless you have health problems beacuse of that, I don't think pushing yourself into anything like this isn't necessarily a good idea. If you must, don't use fat and beer. Healthy can also be nutritious. I think working out should help put that mass all over your body, not just your belly.
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