I have an all black HSS American Special. I *think* it's a really awesome guitar (I'm pretty much a beginner...maybe just touching intermediate). I bought it with the intention of having a really versatile guitar that could do blues and some rock/metal. Then I purchased an Epi LP Special Silverburst (GAS purchase), so that's become the go-to guitar for metal.

The HSS models all have rosewood fretboards. The SSS models come with a maple fretboard. I've always really liked the look and tone of the SSS Strats with rosewood fretboards, so I'm thinking about getting a 2-tone Sunburst American Special model and swapping the necks. Does this make any sense?
It shouldn't be a problem other than screwing with the value of the guitar. Your serials for example will be swapped since they are on the headstock.
Well, I pulled the trigger and dropped off both at the shop. I should get 'em back today.
Nice, post some pics when u get them to see her
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Ok, here is a crappy phone pic. Not much of a customization...just a simple neck swap between two American Special Strats.

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