Hey guys, I am wondering:

Should I dampen my kick drum with a blanket/pillow? I feel I want to do it because I feel it has poor feedback due to the surface vibrating so intensly when I hit the kick drum (I have double pedals).

I feel like dampening it would make a bit more rigid and thus allowing solid, clear hits everytime. Should I do it?

Also, I am about to perform very soon (a mediumsized auditorium) where the drums are not going to be microphoned to a PA-system. Should I dampen them then? I WANT to do it because of the playing facilitation, but I fear it will become inaudible.
Try recording both with and without it, and see which you prefer.
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Just try putting it in, it'd be pretty easy to take out if you don't like it-- if you do then why not keep it?

As far as dampening it in a situation with no mics, I actually feel like it'd make it easier to hear because the dampening usually makes it sound a bit punchier. However, in a situation with no mics it's going to be hard to be heard over the rest of the band, as it is, so just kick hard and ride the chill wave, I suppose.
Dampen them, you'll want punch and though you may lose clarity and attack, you'll definitely be heard. In the auditorium however, I'd still muffle it, because if it's what I'm thinking, then the reverb will be crazy, and well it speaks for itself really. I usually fold my pillow in 90 degrees so half or all of it is resisting against the batter side head, it just sounds better to me.
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Thanks for the reply guys, I might try it.

Question: Should I completely and tightly fill out the empty space with blankets/pillow or does one pillow suffice?