Original Issue Fender Jagstang. A must have christmas present for any fan of Nirvana, or rare discontinued Fender guitars.
Designed by Kurt Cobain, looks great for display purposes, and plays beautifully. Fantastic tones to experiment with.
A friend had it signed by Dave Grohl in America, whilst the Foo Fighters were on tour a couple of years back.
Guitar comes with the case, and tremolo arm inside.
Looking for offers,nothing ridiculous.
I can deliver elsewhere, or send it by parcel-force for a fee.
Guitar is currently in Wales, and I am currently situated in Plymouth.
Any questions, please feel free to email or text me.

Cheers guys

It's a good thing you took a picture of the autograph 'cos I might not have noticed it if you hadn't mentioned it: the thing's pretty damn faded

Too bad really, you might've been able to charge more if the signature were in mint condition

I know I would pay a lil' extra :p

/] 三方 [\