Im looking for a new amp to get rid of my Line 6....getting out of the solid state crap...

Just want a list of suggestion of what to try out at my local music stores. I play alot of Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal, and Jazz. So, Im trying to find an amp that has the best of both worlds. Great warm-clean tone, and a nice distortion. I checked out the ValveKing 212, It sound pretty great. Im just wondering if there is anything better for my dollar.

My budget is about 700-800. Also, looking at pedals to help out with effect like delay, chorus, clean, distortion etc etc. I will use this amp for gigging, band practice, and practicing at home too.


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Jet City just came out with a 50 watt combo with a clean channel, but Jet City amps need a boost and an eq to do metal well.
6505+ 112 Combo, i play mine with my buddy playing his JCM2000 Half Stack right next to me and its not like he destrominates me or anything. the 112 is plenty loud enough for band practice / small shows IMO..