so i just bought a 2009 BC Rich Gunslinger Retro second hand. the guy i bought it from switched out the PUP (theres only one) to a "dean". he couldnt tell me what model, just that it was a dean. personally i would like a much hotter PUP, this one seems to have a little more midrange and not as high gain. sounds kind of like your standard neck/rhythm option. Makes sense since the guy said he was into a blues and such. anyway, i was just looking for some advice on some affordable PUPs that might suit my tastes a little better.

looking for high gain, passive, heavy metal (judas priest, motorhead, anthrax, maiden type sound) PUPS, price range 50-80ish
gear=peavey vypyr 75, (looking to upgrade though so subject to change), and metal muff

gracias amigos
Hey dude, I have that Vyper 75 as well and i have my guitar setup with an EMG-81 in the bridge and a dragonfire 85 in the neck position. I've testing the dragonfires/EMG's/Blackouts and for drop tuning stuff i prefer the blackouts but overall i LOVE my 81. I would HIGHLY recomend that pickup for the type of music your looking to play. There ARE tons of options tho so if its possible head down to guitar center grab a Vyper 75 and start trying out different guitars. The new Charvel's come with blackouts!
Prioritise the new amp, then look into new Pups. Problem with digital modelling amps is they tend to iron out the character of the guitar so you won't tell the difference as strongly
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i had a gunslinger retro which had the dimarzio super distortion, and i thought it sounded pretty good. if you want to stick to the big 2, that's probably what i'd get for the tones you want.
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