Signal Chain looks like so

Ibanez RG420 / EMG81 to 6505+ 112 Combo Effects Loop Send to RP6 to effects loop return on 6505+ Combo to Cab - SM57

Now, I know this thing is pretty old and the only things I am using on it are the noise suppresion and the EQ. I've been debating a Noise Clamp as well as an M108 10 band eq. Is it going to make that big of a difference? I guess my question is - Is the upgrade to the MXR pedals going to be a significant change in my sound and is it worth the money or am I better off getting the TS9 and an Eminence Speaker upgrade? All of it? lol

Here is a clip of how it sounds right now with the RP6 in the loop.

Actually i have a local shop i try to buy from. Family owned and operated type deal. Like to support them when possible. Cant do it if they cant match prices but usually they are pretty good about it. I like to help keep them in business when at all possible. Nice to have a solid tech to bounce idea's off of.
So I got a few pedals this weekend. Ibanez TS9, MXR 6-Band EQ, MXR Noise Clamp

Chain looks like this

Guitar - TS9 - NCInput - NCSend - AmpInput - Amp Send - EQIn - EQOut - NCReturn - NCOutput - AmpReturn

Guess its called the X pattern on the noise gate.. Sounds friggn amazing now.