I have a show tomorrow and I sing as well as play bass, and I was wondering does electrical tape hold picks to a mic stand without getting a sticky residue on the picks. I heard this from a friend but I'm not sure, and I don't have money for a pick holder. If this doesn't work, what will?
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I can't remember who I saw live, but I did see a guitarist use tape to hold his picks on his mic stand.
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use masking/painters tape
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i just keep them in my mouth

I can't help picturing a lead singer starting a show with a mouthful of picks.
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what if you put them in between your pickguard and the body of your bass? It can be done by slightly loosening some of the screws in said pickguard usually done on the top portion of the instrument.
I have a row down my mic stand (in two pick holders, but used to use electrical tape) and a few jammed under pickguards for if/when I take a walk about the stage. Can never have too many picks about the stage to grab lol. I found electrical tape did make my picks a bit gummy, no good for tremolo picking Ended up getting some pick holders.
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just put the picks in your pocket, jeeze

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I have a chunk of sorbothane that I stick picks to so I can't lose them. It's an extremely tacky urethane sheet that leaves zero residue and is non-reactive. Tapes will leave adhesive behind.
stick the pick between the mic and the mic clip. Bassist in my old band used to do that.
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get the pick holder that attaches to your strap. It costs about 2 bucks

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Plastic poster hanger strips work well.

Just cut one to length and tape it to the stand.
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^^^ Good idea, plus it'll save you a critical second or two if you drop a pick mid-solo and have a backup directly in your line of vision instead of fumbling through your pockets.

That being said, adhesive residue isn't that big of a problem. Just use rubbing alcohol and cotton balls/swabs.
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painters tape. if the residue really bothers you that much get some painters tape, its sole purpose is to not be too sticky and not leave behind residue. i still think electric tape would be fine though
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