So whenever I strum without a pick I just use my fingers that are shaped like I am holding a pick but I just hit the strings with the nail of my index finger.
I just got used to play like that, never learned it like that, so I am wondering is this how everyone else does it or are there other or even better ways to strum without a pick?
I hold my thumb against the middle fingers side, as if Im holding a pick, and strum the strings with the middle fingertip.
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when I don't use my pick, I mostly strum in a more "flamenco" way. That means I strum the treble strings with my fingers and the bass strings with my thumb, it gives a nicer sound and reminds me of some 60's music.

Problem is, I'm getting too used to it and now I ave problems holding my pick properly :/
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I just use my thumb This gives a really soft and bassy sound which I like!
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Diff'rent strokes, as they say. All fingertips, one fingernail... add thumb to bass strings or just plunk away! Different sounds/rhythms may require different strums; just as different electric arrangements use different picking techniques. Whatever sounds good to you and works with the tempo and/or lyrics!?!?!