so i have a decent set of mackie speakers and a krk sub, i can set the low pass on the sub anywhere between 50 and 80, its set at 65 right now which is weird as it generally affects how im hearing the kickdrum in my stuff, its not quite coming out of the speakers and its hard to judge the sub as its on the floor.

first things first, is this a poor pass range? should i tweak it to get the majority of the sound range out of my speakers?

secondly, should i set the sub on a small stand to reduce the reverberation through the ground (which obviously affects the sound in the room) its on the floor under the desk right now and i usually set my leg/ foot on it to feel the pressure coming out. not the most accurate way of mixing

and i will be adding more soundproofing to my room, im fairly certain the walls are still coloring the sound too much and i know without a doubt i need more bass traps