I recently noticed that the strings on my acoustic have become a bit worn down and I think I need a new set. The problem is that I havent restrung an acoustic guitar yet so Im not really sure what strings to get or what size? I have heard good things about Elixr string but I dont have a clue about what size to go for, I quite like fairly big strings on my electric, 11's, if thats any help
Thanks for any replies
I use Martin 0.13s, very nice strings and not all that hard to get a li'l bend out of
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Does it matter what guitar I use or is it just a general rule for all acoustics? I really know nothing about acoustic strings
If you like big strings get big strings. There isn't really a general rule. Each gauge gives a different sound and feel. Try a few and pick your favourite.
I use Ernie Ball Earthwoods med-light. light enough to not kill your fingers(I play electric 99% of the time), but still have a nice tone
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