Im getting a Epiphone Casino after christmas, but there are 2 options:

The regular Casino

And the Lennon Inspired

I mostly play Indie, Jazz, Blues and i want a stable guitar for gigging. Would it be better if I saved up for the Lennon instead of getting the regular Casino? I mean is it really worth the extra 300$?
The Lennon model seems to have better pickups and I would imagine (see what I did there) the build quality will be better. The binding/finishing on some Epis (including the Casino I played earlier) can be pretty shoddy so if you want a more aesthetic guitar the Lennon's probably a better option enjoy, I love Casino's but I've never really had the cause to buy one
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Get the Elitist Casino if you want to spend $900+ on one. Your paying for John Lenon's name.

Gretch just put out the George Harrison model and they want $3500 for a guitar he had nothing to do with, so go figure.
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The elitist cost around 2000 here in Sweden which is way out of my budget, but yea thats what i thought, paying for the name is worthless altough it seems like it could be worth it haha. The Lennon one is apparantly handcrafted in China..
The Lennon Casino is made out of different wood, has much better pickups, better tuners and a better bridge. Anybody who tells you you're "just paying for the name" didn't read the specs.

If you can afford the Lennon go for it. It seems like a better guitar (on paper, anyway...)
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just buy the reg and swap out the pups if they arent to your liking. save a good amount of money that way.
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Well, the lennon one is as said, made of different wood, I dont know if its better or not though..

I have both the standard Casino (the burst) and the Inspired By Lennon Casino (natural). BOTH are exceptional guitars. It is hard to tell the difference between the two when you hear them played. But I still would suggest you spend the extra $300 and get the Inspired By. It just makes economic sense. Here's why:

- the Inspired By pickups do sound a shade brighter. Hard for me to tell because I have flatwound strings on my Standard and flats do make a guitar considerably less bright, but the Inspired By pickups you may find to be slightly better.

- the tuners on the Inspired By are far superior than the Standard.

- the pickup selector switch is far superior on the Inspired By. The one on the Standard feels like a toy, the Inspired By one is a Switchcraft and it is solid.

- if you are a Beatle fanatic the Inspired By is correct in the looks department.

- the Inspired By comes with a case!!!

As I said the real reason to go for the Inspired By is strictly economic. Look at all the reasons above. The extra $300 you spend on the Inspired By is well worth all you get. The upgraded pickups, upgraded tuners, upgraded electronics, plus a case are a great buy for that extra three bills. Think about it: If you were to buy a Standard Casino you would have to go out and spend another $125 on a case. Might as well spend an extra $175 and get the Inspired By with the upgraded tuners, pickups, and electronics.

Once again the difference in playability and tone between the two is very, very, very minimal. You buy either one and you will be happy. Just the case and all the other extras for just $300 extra make the Inspired By the much better deal.
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The Gibson USA P-90 pickups would be somewhere around $125-$150 each. Plus the Grover tuners, the case and the bridge... that's a lot more than the $300 difference between the two guitars.
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