I was just in a shop and found an Ampeg SVT-CL (90's colored logo) head for $499. The price seems great, but the front look like it went through a lot, the thing is missing every knob but the volume and the knob is a strat knob with a wood screw through the middle into the head???

I was afraid to even try it, cause the knob just spun or unscrewed. Everything else seemed ok, (tube life uncertain, reallly dirty grill cloth and tolex)

These things go for like $1,300-$1,500 new right? I want to go back and try it, and maybe buy it or trade for it, but am I wrong to think that $499 is still high?
If it just needs knobs I'd get it, but try it out and see that everything works properly, or you'll be in a world of shite if things need to be replaced.
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If it works like it should, even though it looks bad, it's worth the price. If there's something wrong somewhere, it's not worth it.
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Always try to talk them down on price.Have you ever watched Pawn stars?Play through it then tell them your gonna need to put a bunch of money into it and offer them way less,Then they will counter offer, and you haggle back and forth. It's half the fun of buying gear.
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It's half the fun of buying gear.

LOL. I Agree.
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Think it would go under $400 for it?

Probably not.

$500 is a hell of a deal for an SVT CL, but in my experience there is almost always a very good reason the price is that low, and its not going to just be a dirty grill cloth and some missing knobs. Keep in mind, it is in a shop, and shops price things so they can make a profit on them, and it would be foolish to assume they don't know exactly what they have.

If you're interested in it, go back and try it. Check absolutely everything, be super super critical, and don't be afraid to walk away. It's not a good deal if you have to put a couple hundred bucks into it to make it work right, not when a nicer, newer SVT CL can be had for $900-$1000.
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Say you'll do $500 for AFTER and only after it's had a clean bill of health from a competent tech.
Being a 90's model it's mostly likley built like a brick shit house but you never know. If it hasn't had a retube since new it's probably due for one.
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