I'm just wondering if it can work out like that. I don't know much about pre amps/power amps, so if anyone can explain them to me that'd be cool.
Any amp is actually a pre amp and a power amp together. Your signal travels through them and your fx loop is in the middle.
What?! There's a clean channel on my amp?!

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I'm just wondering if it can work out like that. I don't know much about pre amps/power amps, so if anyone can explain them to me that'd be cool.

as mentioned above, your guitar amp actually has a preamp section and a power amp section. if you are to know more about it...


so essentially, you're asking whether it is OK to run an external preamp (from a pedal lets say) into the guitar amp's preamp. the answer is yes, you can. in fact, we do it all the time. all those distortion, boost, and fuzz pedals (among other things) are all just modified preamp circuits.

there is a caveat: preamps tend to add most of the 'color' to the source signal and sometimes it is NOT desireable to 'chain' preamps. for example, a sansamp GT-2 was meant to be used going into a PA or into an Effects Loop receive (i still ran it into the front of my music man though). if you have something like an expensive H&K preamp then chances are you won't wanna run through the native amp's preamp unless it is VERY neutral sounding else you may get mud lows, over/dirty saturation and ugly mids and highs.

mind you, if you want to bypass a guitar amp's preamp, it would have to have an effects loop and you'd have to feed it into the effect receive.
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short answer, plug the "external" preamp into the effect loop return to bypass the amps preamp
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Ok, thanks for the info. I'm not buying a preamp right this moment, but now I'm kinda thinking about it, maybe to experiment with those muddy distorted sounds you mentioned, since "fuzz" is my favorite effect.

My amp (laney gc50) has an effects loop so I can experiment with that too
Can I still plug the guitar into the amp and also use the preamp? or is that impossible.

Also, would using a preamp alongside a big muff allow me to make super fuzz madness? then be able to switch into a nice clean? Sorta like Smashing Pumpkins, but I don't want to rip them off or anything, I just like fuzziness and want o incorporate it into my work.
You'd have to plug into the Preamp.
The amp's preamp is being bypassed, so no signal will reach the power amp as long as you have the other preamp connected.

Yes, the Big Muff will allow you to switch between clean and fuzz, since it's a fuzz pedal. Step on it to turn on the fuzz, and hit it again to turn it off
would there be a way to have mega fuzz, from both the preamp and the pedal? or would that be too much, like using my big muff and a ds1 at the same time?