I'm a progressive metal guitarist and I am in the process of getting the band ready for shows and recordings withing the next six months or so. I plan to start posting many of my ideas and would love some good feedback (positive or negative) as long as it is constructive.
Thanks and happy playing

The two songs I have posted thus far are available at these four locations




I don't think it sounds very progressive... its complicated but it sounds very mathcore like meshuggah. which i'm not into so i'm probably not the best person to get advice from but I would try adding more diversity let the drummer step down a bit sometimes, give the bassist some leads I didn't even notice the bassist in the stuff you got right now.

also slowing the song down for extended periods can be pretty cool, try turning the gain down and doing some jazz stuff

anyways take my advice with a grain of salt
Dude. SO BADASS. Its like Veil of Maya-ish to me. i agree with this guy^ If you add some jazz type parts it would be so sick. Just get some legit recordings and some vocals and this would be something that i would listen to.
Also 1:30 on there is candy in the van.... That is so sick!

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