I have an Epiphone LP Black Beauty which I love, however I want to look into changing the pickups.
So basically, I'm looking to buy some new ones (even if I just start with the bridge pickup). I've seen some on bareknucklepickups.com that seem pretty good but thought I'd see what others could suggest for reasonably prices, good quality pickups.
The styles I tend to play are predominantly rock, heavy rock and punk, with occasional classic stuff. Don't want anything particularly for metal at all.
Anyway, ideas would be great.
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I would just get some JB's for that guitar.

You can get some BKP to do what you want. and no offense in this at all but why would you spend that much on pickups. Almost more than the whole guitar would cost?

JB's, or some Dimarzio, may P90?

Not real sure for just rock, im more of a metal player.

If you do go high end like BKP also check out Motor City Pups. Pretty comparable from what I hear
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You could buy that LP used for the amount of money a set of BKP would cost...I would never invest that much in pickups for a guitar that's nearly equal in value.

For your genres:

Seymour Duncan - Set of Full Shreds, JB/Jazz, any of the Custom pickups, Distortion, Tone Zone.

DiMarzio - Evo2 w/ Breed neck, or Breed full set, Super Dist., Steve Special, Crunch Lab/Liquifire set.

And that's just the beginning of the mainstream options...on the cheaper end there's also GFS pickups, Rockfields, etc. Your specs are extremely broad, there's probably hundreds of combinations that would satisfy you, you just need to start researching for yourself and find out what you want.
Weird, I've just gone through this.

My pride and joy guitar that was the first good guitar I ever bought and still plays fantastically - better than many a gibson I've played pleasingly - is about to get an alnico nailbomb put in the bridge. It hasn't gone in yet, will do this week after this weeks gigs.

If you love the guitar and it plays well, there's no reason to buy fancy pups. Keep the stock ones in case you want to resell - but I disagree when people go 'don't by pups more than the guitar'.

In terms of which BKP you should get, I'd suggest either a nailbomb or a holy diver. The holy diver is basically a better, clearer JB. Check out BKPs forum, they're very helpful - also I had a nice convo with the owner Tim via email and was impressed by their customer service.
bkp's are supposed to be quite good. if i had the money id go for a nailbomb.
guitarfetish is supposed to have some pretty nice pickups (about to buy a fat pat from them to replace the EMG in my fender) and theyr very cheap.

about putting expensive pickups in a cheaper guitar- you can always take them out if you upgrade guitars.