It's not finished yet, all I have so far are a couple versus, pre-chorus and chorus. Some feedback on the working progress would be appreciated - it'll decide if I carry it on.


He was just a nowhere-man going nowhere fast
They all say they knew him once but they didn't give him a chance
He fell in love with the highway noise, and the roads that took his life away
Now a shadow of the man he was, he just fights to get through the days

Some nights I wonder If I'd be better off that way
Just a footprint in your winding path, a cloud upon one day
This awkward dance has gone on far too long and I'm starting to realise
That if this were meant to be, we wouldn't need this guise.

How did it get like this?
We just stray from kiss to kiss
Trying to just play our part;
We're a thousand words misspelled in art

And these words they burn red
With memories of broken laughter
Why can't we just let this go
Instead of dealing with all these 'morning-afters'?
We're burning up before our eyes;
A masterpiece of mislaid lies
And when I sing, I will sing alone;
There's no one home but please don't speak after the tone.
Now I'm walking the empty solemn streets
Casting down the shadows of my defeat
You look at me as if I'm throwing my life away
Well I'll tell you now, I'm not a fucking hyperbole.