So I've got myself a Pod HD500, and I've got some pretty decent tones, but I'm having a problem getting a good distortion for low-tuned guitars. I need something with alot of clarity, and not to much edge. I'm playing stuff like Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, etc. and I was hoping if anybody out there has any tones that would fit the bill, would you please share the dl links?
It's all in the eq. Also, the engl sim and bigbottom sim are favourites to use, with the v30 cab and the screamer infront.

However, don't expect it to sound anything like the AxeFx that bands like BoO use


I actualy use the solo 100 head with some heavy eq on my 7 string, it gets a really nice twangy tone like the descending part of the intro from Follow The Signs. That's on PODfarm, though
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I can't help with any patches, but I do have some suggestions you might try.

- Boost the high mids and highs, but use a low pass at around 9-10khz to get cut without fizz.
- Use a slight compressor on the lows to reduce flab
- keep your gain low, you want grit not fizz
- use an OD sim, not to increase gain as much as to simply tighten up the low mids

Hope it helps
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I literally just did this two days ago. What I found was run a really soft gate into a TS and Compressor then into a hard gate. Then I ran it into a dual amped engl(treadplate cab) and treadplate(uber cab). The engl i ran with tons of mids and high with the lows around 4 and the presence at 8. The Treadplate i ran with slightly scooped mids probably 8-5-6 for the settings, but again with ridiculous presence. I have an eq after the amps, and i just tweaked until i got it perfect.

By doing this, it is a ridiculously tight and heavy. No flub, even on my drop A guitar. I love it, but tone is in the eye of the beholder. Have fun tweaking though!
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