well for a while my friend has been asking me to help him start a band, im not great at guitar at all but i know some theory and we werent really going to be one of those serious type bands since we're still teenagers. i was down for it and finally started doing some practicing daily after practicing 3 times a week and never really getting better.

the problem is, the two other people we recruited are really good. he recruited a great drummer who has played with other bands who have guitarists extremely better than me, and the other guitarist is better than me which is why i wanted to get him to join so i wouldnt have to do most of the lead parts on any of the songs we're doing.

im not even decent at guitar and i guess this is me being modest, the one up on the guitarist i have is that i can finger pick and he cant, but he can do other things like sweep pick and economy pick that im just starting to learn and having a hard time to. we haven't jammed yet, we're setting up a session for next week and im hella nervous.

is it good for a noob like me to start playing with these guys? i feel like it would just discourage me because they'd shun me for being bad at guitar, especially the drummer.
this is the fastes way to get better, to play with people that are better than you. if they shun you, well stuff em and move on.
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Playing with experts is a great way to get better. Just as long as you don't act like you think you're better than them, they probably won't shun you. They will shun you, if you act cocky and have nothing to show for it.
Use it as a way to try to learn something from them. We all have our strengths and weaknesses who knows the other guitar player might be an awesome shredder but he might not know any theory or be completely unable to put together simple chord progressions and melodies.... or he might be a completely awesome all rounder and crush your confidence. Eitherway if he is a halfway decent guy he will be willing to help you out along your way and offer advice and like everyone else says worst they can do is tell you that you suck and to GTFO and if they do that then screw them as long as you are having fun playing guitar and making music/noise then the whole world can go suck a lemon, right?
yes. playing in a band dramatically increases your playing abilities and understanding of music. get familiar with all of the instruments yourself as well.

even if it isnt a perm band, its better practice than blasting your guitar alone at home.
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wow thanks guys, really boosted my confidence. im still nervous but not so much about them shunning me because it seems like this would help me more than destroy my confidence. they really are a nice batch of guys
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I would actually see this as a great opportunity, this seems to be pushing you to get better, nothing wrong with it, just shut up, listen and learn everything you can from them and remember: Music is NOT a competition!

Always have a good attitude and practice a lot!
For the band try to bring something unique to the table and dont try to outdo anyone at what they are best.

If you really feel it is not working out or you are holding them back, then dont wait till they have to tell you, practice, practice, practice and keep up.
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