These are ideas that I came up with over time and I decided to put them together as if it would be an actual song. *cough cough*

I have heard of Blackened Death Metal but never
Black Metal with Death Metal influences

So I threw the dart blindfolded with this one
Riff Compilation.gp5
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Thanks for the crit on mine. Now for yours...

Intro is nice and heavy, with a kinda of dark/foreboding feel to it. Like the chords that come in at bar 18, the dissonance fits in well. Like the use of the ride bell on the drums at first, though after a while I think there's been too much of it. I think maybe the song could do with some more variation like in rhythm or texture or lead work etc. Just as I finish writing that, the piano part comes in, good that's the sorted of thing I wanted to hear! The ending was too sudden, it just kinda stopped. I'd come up with something new, the rest of the piece is good, so it deserves it. Overall the song flows well, I expected it to be somewhat disjointed given your description, but it wasn't at all. It's good anyway, I like it as a whole, I'd just change the ending.
Critting as I go!

Starts powerfully. Cool riff.
Second riff is even better. All dark and shit, great stuff.

Third one was less interesting, since it wasn't that special. Works though.

Fourth... un... Same as the above, will be good with lyrics or something, but alone it's not interesting.

The fifth riff (34) was much better. The next one was nice too, but that section lasted a little too long.

Then on it's good stuff, like the beginning.

The riff at bar 66 is cool too... and that's it.

Nice riffs there, but I wouldn't use them all in the same song. Some fit better than others, and some I'd save for future songs.

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Thanks for your crit.

First, why are there some cloned tracks in here ??? Anyway, love the first riff. It is very dark and energetic, nice and simply dark sounding. Same with the second riff. Great.

Third riff is good sounding, should go great with the right vocals. 30 - 33 is awesome, I like the high notes tremolo picked.

Around 44 where the bars repeat is kind of too repetitive imo. I like the piano part it's pretty dissonant. 58 -65 has nice tremolo picking parts. I would like to hear a little bit more of that in here! Riff after that is okay, I can imagine that's where vocals stop there for that riff and let it be a heavy interlude.

After that, it's a nice riff but it does stop too soon. Maybe play the same riff but hit that crash only on the first of each beat and maybe take the tremolo picking out. Maybe even add some Nile-esque egyptian cymbals, whatever they're called.

Overall I like this song a lot!