I've exclusively used D'addario .10's since I first picked up a guitar, but I want to try something different, possibly something that would make playing a little easier.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to which brand or string gauge I should try? I was thinking .9's but I'd like to hear other points of view.
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Try a set of 9's and a set of 10 slinkies. I like DD's but tend to use slinky 10 balls.

Don't trust anyone who tells you they prefer slinky balls.

Haha... actually I second that! I used to use D'Addarios just because that's what my local store recommended. I tried some Slinky's on a whim once and I loved them. That's what I use now. Great tone.
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Ernie Ball Super Slinkys are way better than D'Addarios which I used when I first started playing as well. Seems like music stores love to recommend those strings, lol. Theres a huge difference in playability between the two I believe.

I prefer the .09s but whatever gauge your used to is what you should probably use. I play mostly in standard tuning so the 9s are perfect for me.
Its all a personal perference on what tension you like on the strings, and what tuning your using.

Thinner strings - Lower tension
Thicker strings - Higher Tension

Higher Tunings - Higer tension
Lower tunings - Lower Tension

So if your tuning low, get some thicker strings.

Oh yeah, thinner strings are easier to bend, easier to fret for people with weaker hands.
Legato can also be easier on thinner strings.
Thicker strings have more tension, better for palm muting, pedal point riffs used in Metalcore, people with stronger hands, and they just look way more cool.

Its up to you.
I've just started noticing that D'Addario now makes 9.5 sets (9.5-44), if you want to try and "split the difference" between 9's and 10's. Probably other makers will come out with their version also.
Buy individual strings online and make a custom set? You can balance the tensions then instead of the usual haphazard assortment of gauges companies put out.
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D'addario 10s are some of the best sounding strings IMO. The 9s are easier to play but don't really sound as good.

I'm using DR DDT 12s right now in D standard and they sound really heavy and are really tight. Legato's kinda hard but the strings are good for heavy riffing.
Elixer 9's
Super smooth and feel so good
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I love my EB slinky 9s
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Super Slinkys
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Spend a little extra and import some Rotosound Yellow's... best strings going IMHO
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You cant go wrong with Ernie Ball try the rock n roll series very easy to bend!
I only play in Standard, Eb, and occasionally Drop D if that makes any difference. But I guess Ernie Ball is what I'm going for then!
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I named my guitar after my GF once... It was tempremental, the neck was too fat, and I couldn't turn down the volume, just like her...
Get D'Adarrio 9.5s there awesome! Ernie ball sound bad after 2 days.
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