Hey folks. I just got Toontracks Superior Drummer 2.0 with The Metal Foundry and i'm having issues with importing the midi files. I write my drums with Guitar Pro 6, but those drums sounds pretty awefull, and i can export them as a midi file, but i cannot figure out how to import them into Superior Drummer. I have the Solo version. Do I need to have EZ Drummer or EZ Player to do this? And if not, how do I get the midi, or even XML file imported in? Please help.
Well, first of all you need to import the midi file into a recording program (Reaper, Logic, Pro Tools, etc...), you can't do that with just the EZ Drummer software. Once you're in the recording program or DAW of your choice, you add a virtual instrument track into your project (your superior drummer plugin), then you import the midi file onto that track. It will playback the drum sounds from SD2 when you play it in the recording program.

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Damn, why didn't I think of that :P thanks man. do you know if it will work right with Sony Acid?