Instrumental and vocals up until breakdown recorded by me (Galactic Pegasus). Guest vocals done by Darian Mazloomi of Argent Strand.

Galactic Pegasus:

Argent Strand:

ibanez RG7321
ibanez SR505BM
Line 6 POD Studio GX
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Is that even... a song? Just kidding, I don't like that kinda of music so my opinion is worthless, enjoy!
well I found the lead work during vocals was kind of not necessary, more like it was ruining it for me... seemed like it's out of tune or something. Oh and I tried listening to the lyrics but the gutiar was too loud to let any lyrics reach my ears but the guitar tone was KILLER! overal, rock on mate good job!!!
Thank you for listening. I do agree that the lead guitar sounds pretty out of place. I kind of left it in because it sounded funny since it was the only part of the song that sounded even remotely close to the original :p

As for the vocals being too quiet, that is strange. On the speakers I tested it out on they seemed fine :/ Thanks for letting me know though