so anyways... i need a metal guitar. I play rock usually.

i have a budget of about $500 USD.

LTD/Deluxe, Jacksons, whatever, im open to anything.

ALSO: within LTD and LTD Deluxe, which models do you recommend?
shape-wise i prefer double cutaway and im open to a V.

Im looking for a Kirk Hammet sound, so active EMGs would be ideal.

while i currently play on a crappy MG10, I have access to a Peavey Vypr 30 and sanpera I pedal.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand. Main Retailer are Rockshop, KBB, and Lewis Eady.
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Your choices is already cool, besides add Ibanez ARZ700 and Schecter Blackjack ATX Solo 6
into one of choices. I know they cost pretty much over your budget, but they will definitely answer in what you are looking for.

Dont add the arz700 to your list.
Thats way too expensive for how well the chinese built it.
Save a few $$ and pickup a used prestige and drop in some emgs.

Also a used ltd deluxe mh-1000 is pretty damn good.
Guitar Player magazine's current issue has a bit of a buyer's guide on moderate-price guitars. I'm not remembering what the exact cut-off (maximum) price limit was, but seem to recall it was in the $600 area (street price). They rated something like 20 guitars. I THINK the same article can be read off of their web site. Might provide some ideas.
thanks all.

I'd love a MH1000, but they are so far and few in new zealand, my friend has the only one.

im gonna take a look around. anymore suggestions would be brill, and thanks to all who have helped allready.

\m/ - yeah im so cool i can do that now