Im really having trouble writing lyrics for our female vocalist. We are a metal band, and have influences such as Meshuggah, Protest the Hero, Dream Theater, Slayer, Symphony X and so on.

I can write kickass lyrics, but they are always in the style of russell allen, or something like that, so when i show the band, they say "So and so couldnt sing that". Every time i write a song that she could singWhat are some phrasing ideas for these bands that could be used for a female vocalist, especially for power ballads?

Lastly, if you want to imagine her voice, imagine paramore, but a bit higher and more operatic. We also have myself who can do an almost perfect copy of dave mustaine, and another guy who has a decent singing voice. Hlep?
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I think she needs to listen to some Arch Enemy.

Yep. Get her 'Doomsday Machine'.
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Give an example of what you have tried to write.
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