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I would love that, only problem is that its 25 GB

So get an external harddrive as well.
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How does one safely remove the smell of a corpse from a banjo?
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Get Superior Drummer 2 instead either way.

This gentleman has provided you with most excellent and reccomendable counsel. I bid you to heed his words, for they carry the blessing of wisdom.
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That's probably one of the most insightful things I've ever read in the Pit.
Grats, TS

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No it does not come with Drumkit from hell.

Instead of buying another prog. Id stick with EZ and if you need a better tom or what not just find a good sample and replace it.

Andy Sneap forum is real good for that.
DFH is quite expensive. SD2 and their metal expansion is the way to go though, as people have said.
I use Addictive, and with some EQ tweaking it's fine for me

Just depends if you're looking to be lazy, or looking to mix well too.
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For susperior drummer, can i make a drumtrack in Guitar pro, save, the midi, then drag it to susperior, then drag it to reaper?

superior drummer would be running as a plug in in reaper(if im not mistaken) so you would just export the midi from guitar pro and put it in reaper in the channel with superior drummer in the fx.