I know i'm supposed to say SOMETHING that you can improve on,
but in my opinion, that was amazing! I don't really have anything bad to say at all lol.

Especially since you're WAY above my skill level.
But really, that was excellent, good job man.

And since i gave such useful advice, can you look at mine? I really need the help lol :P

My god was this epic! U played this stuff amazingly! great tone, great bends, great everything. just wow :O Im very very impressed man.
Axman817 just said words in my head, haha. I just don't know what else to say, except my admirations for doing this. It is absolutely perfect, in my opinion, playing is flawless, tone is perfect for this song, quality is amazing. Just keep doing this, cause you are really good at it!

C4C? Check the channel in my signature and crit any video you want, I would be glad to see what you think!
That my friend.....was beauty full!!!!!!!!!
Flawless!! Great job!!
Holy crap dude! that was flawless! I cant really critique you because you are like 1000 times better than me lol...i subscribed and checked out your channel, pretty sweet. Im excited to see more
Oh hey, I didn't see you there
DAMMIT! You sent me on a long youtube spree. Had to be at least 2 hours... so... many... bad.. covers..

Besides yours. Yours was amazing and flawless. Awesome job dude!
Ahh NOW I remember you, the ninja with the godlike guitar skills! Funny you ask for "crit 4 crit", who can possibly crit that? That's just... perfect.

Actually, there's one thing I could suggest. Have you ever thought of getting video editing software? So you can make a more dynamic video (like zooming and panning to your fingers when you going into those super fast shredding bits) to match the intensity of the music. That would be awesome, imho!