I've been looking all over for a good tap tempo. I'm currently using it for my BOSS DD5, and right now i have the fs-5u, which is too big for my pedal board.

I've been looking at 3 tap tempos.

1) Loop-master
2) road rage
3) this1ismyne
4) Railhead effects - the pulse

And i know that they build their tap tempos but they are all ranging around 30-40$ just for a piece of small metal. I do NOT want to build my own. Is there anyone else that sells tap tempos that won't be like 6 month waits or anything like that? if i have to go with one of these three which one is the best out of all? Quality + shipping time?

Please help! Thanks!
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Have you heard much about the rail head pedals at all?
I would go loop master but I dont want to wait forever for a small tap tempo....