Recently had a bad breakup. Life sucks right now...
But I decided to channel that into something good, and this is what came out.
Hardly any thought put into this. Both lyrics and composition are simply feelings written down, and I think it's one of my best works, actually.

Not looking for sympathy, this is just to help you understand the song better. Hope you like it.

C4C, as always
End Of An Era.zip
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The intro started of sounding a-bit happy-ish but it turned out pretty epic, I liked it
Verse is really nice too
I really didn't like the tone of the vocals in the chorus. It just sounded a tad weird to me.
The section after though with the piano is freaking beautiful, albeit simple.
Verse 4 is great, I love it.
Verse 5, bring on the prog baby!
I didn't like Riff though. it sounds too chug chug chuggity chug for this kind of song.
Riff 2 just sounds bad man. Not a fan of the note selection. Maybe get rid of the section as a whole or just use the same idea but different notes.
The transition into Verse 6 is odd and I didn't like it, but the transition FROM Verse 6 to Calm outro was great. I loved how it suddenly all just calmed down, and then the piano plays those beautiful chords. This is the best section of the song, UNTIL The "Epic Outro" comes in.. The epic outro, is genuinely epic. I felt happy. When a song makes you feel happy, on freaking Guitar pro 5.. Thats a great achievment.

All in all 8/10

Great song with many awesome sections, but I really didn't enjoy the more heavier parts like "riff" and "riff2". Work on that and you'll have yourself a great song. Also, i won't crit the lyrics because I don't know jack shit about how to write lyrics, so I don't feel I should be giving anybody advice on lyrics.

Also, hope you get through these tough times your having..

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