Hey all, I dunno if anyone can help me out with this, but I've got a Fender Rumble 100 that simply when playing with friends isn't loud enough. I've heard that there's not really any way to add a cabinet to it, but if I were to hook the amp up to an extension speaker/cabinet/whatever using the XLR output, would this make my bass rig louder at all? Would it fry the amp? Does using the XLR output cancel the speaker in the amp out? Thanks to anyone willing to answer, help appreciated
The XLR out will provide a line level signal to a desk, which would then go to a PA. So just plugging it into a cab won't work.
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Try putting it on a chair to give it some height, or better position it. Also when you play and stand up close to the bass amp, it is harder to hear it than if you stand say 5-10 feet ahead of it.

You need to look up your amps manual on google for the specifics, but you can xlr to the PA, as said, or mic your speaker to the PA as well.

All those will give better dispersion for you and the audience, but if you are without general PA support and playing with a heavier band, you probably need to sell your amp and upgrade to 200-300 watts.