Well, im looking for a small tube amp which has a warm and bluesy tone. It shouldnt be more than 5w since i want to crank it for getting those crunchy slightly overdriven tones at a comfortable volume. It doesnt have to be versatile... im really looking for a vintage-alltube-onetrickpony for blues sessions and so on.. Something like a mikro-plexi ...
ok, i hope you know what i mean
thanks in advance!

Edit: my budget is maximum : 250 €
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Unless its electronic drums.

So on Thoman - in that range I see:

Blackstar HT1 (OK, but I probably wouldn't buy one)
Bugera V22 (I would definitely consider this)
Bugera 6260
Fender Champ 600 (good tone, kinda limited)
Fender VibroChamp (I'd hit it)
Fender SuperChamp (ditto)
Jet City 2112 (I'd give it try - never played)
Kustom Defender V15 (ditto)
VHT Special 6 (ditto)
Vox AC4TV (good tone, kinda limited)


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Look in the back of closets. Maybe on the top shelves. My parents always used to hide my presents there.

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VOX AC4!!!!!!!!!!! I use it for hendrix, chili peppers, that kinda thing.


And TS, I hope you know 5w cranked is far beyond bedroom levels....which is why I got the AC4, 1/4 watt is loud but not as loud.

But what do I know, I'm just a stupid 11'er.
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If you're after one straight sound then the Vox AC4TV would be a good choice, however if you're after some wider tonal options then I'd go for something else as the Vox is good at what it does, but not much else.
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AC4TV. People give it a ton of flack for being limited, but if you're handy with your guitar's volume and tone knobs (and/or have any kind of a pedalboard), you can just about anything short of metal from that amp.
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thanks, now since im really looking for something puristic i would either take the fender champion 600 or the vox ac 4. which one is better?