Hey guys,

Basically, i'm in dire need of a new guitar - something that will sound good dropped to C standard tuning.

Now, this is where it gets confusing. I'm an ibanez player - love the neck and feel of my ibby, however i've heard good things on ESP's with regards to droptuning.

I need the new guitar to -

- Be around or under the £500, don't care if its 2nd hand (the cheaper the better )
- Floyd rose is preferable but not a must.
- Needs to look fairly brutal (no hello kitty guitars haha!)
- The better the pick-ups as standard, the happier i am!

Those among you who have wisdom in the realm of droptuning/metal guitars... If you could bestow your knowledge upon me that would be great!

Cheers all

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I have an Ibanez which I love the neck of, then i tried the ESP neck and it felt even better! I guess that is a personal preference but you should try to test out this LTD:

A friend of mine has one in Drop A# which i tried and it really sounded great!

EDIT: Saw that it is about 100£ more than your budget, anyways i recommend it!
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There is NOTHING more brutal than a Hello-Kitty guitar!

Anyways, I've heard good things about the RGD series. If you are looking for something to drop tune with, scale length will be a concern. What makes the RGD series what it is, is the slightly extended scale legnth (26.5 vs 25.5) This will give you more tension on the strings which will give you better tuning and a more solid feel.

Schecter make some extended scale guitars, but I haven't played those enough to offer an opinion. From what I've heard though their QC is hit or miss.
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Bah, just put your ibby into drop c. Its a pain compared to a hard tail, but you say you'd like a floyd anyways.

If it doesn't look brootal enough spray some blood on it and add metal spikes.
Also replace pups if the stock arent cutting it.
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you can drop tune anything, just have to adjust string tension

Exactly. I have Ibanez 7-string, 1527z and droptuned. Works damn well.
Just had a look at the Ibby MTM2, comes with a floyd rose (ibanez version) and duncan pickups - and even better, comes in a heavy tuning as standard! Any thoughts/experiences of this one?

Ibanez RGT42DXFX - now out of production.

Peavey Valveking 100w Custom head
Marshall 4x12 cab
Line6 30w spider4 practice amp.
You should try a schecter hellraiser. They are excellent guitars and will do drop tuning just fine. There is also an extended scale if you want.