Hello everybody.

This is a song I have posted on youtube quite a while ago but I never received any feedback from my fellow UG:ers on it. Sadly the GP6 file is too big to upload and when I convert it to gp5 it changes some channel settings that I don't understand and makes it sound like s**t, so I just posted the .wav of the GP6 file on youtube.

Any Feedback would be largely appreciated and I'll ofcourse crit any of your own songs or recordings.

Thanks for the crit
And, first of all, looking at your username, gotta say I'm glad you changed your musical taste

Ah... You can zip the GP6 file and it will probably fit or something... but as you wish, I'll listen to it on youtube, even though it's a lot harder to notice everything that way.

The intro is cool. Very melancholy. Really made me think of Opeth, which is obviously always a good thing. Very well constructed and all.

When the chords start... well, GP6 just sound's crappy with chords, which is why I don't use it.
Still, if I imagine it's not GP6 playing, it's good. Next part is also sweet melancholy.
Not sure I'm noticing all the signature changes, and I like it :P
The section that started at 5:44 was sweet (again, ignorring GP6's way to ruin chords).

That electric solo near the end kinda added a new dimention to the song, and sounded really special. Led into the outro nicely.

Overall, very good song. Would definitly listen to it a lot if it were properly recored... so get to work
Thanks a lot man. One of the main reasons its on youtube and I didn't bother zipping it or anything is because most people on here don't have GP6. I definitely understand what you mean by GP kind of ruining the way chords are supposed to sound, but I've been using it for so long I've gotten used to it.

I've been wanting to record it for about 3 months now but when I got all my recording gear my Pod HD300 got some weird glitch and the drivers no longer let me record directly, so now I need to wait to get a proper usb interface which kinda sucks. If you want, subscribe to my channel, so that when I do finally end up getting to record the proper version, you'll be able to hear it!