$1500 spent on a new laptop and cubase later, I've got a new remastered track ready to go. I focused on this song first because it's still my favorite out of the ones I've done, and I think the time I spent on the mixing and mastering process has made it infinitely better than it had been before I knew what I was doing.

Every instrument has it's place in this recording, whereas many things got drowned out in the last version. That version is on my Soundcloud profile as well, so feel free to check that one out if you haven't already and compare the sound of the two.

I won't consider this the final version by any means, there's plenty of tweaking to be done (such as the drums, they're the same as before, I'm stuck with em for now )
Any and all thoughts on mixing/mastering will be greatly appreciated!

C4C as I always do
The drums... Well, they're monotony fades away into this awesome hats groove that I could only dream of, nice work programming that. There's a little too much kick, especially on these headphones I'm using right now.

I like the guitar tones, and the guitar can come up in the mix in the beginning, and the bass guitar isn't really well-defined. I can feel it there, but I think it kinda gets mixed in with the kick drum a ton. The synths are pretty nice, especially at that transition... Dat transition! Around the 2.23 mark that new section comes in, and I think it would be an excellent spot for a lead guitar or something, there's so much space to work with... When the main part comes back with the extra synths, my.

The only problem with it (besides the kick drum)(or the drums in general besides that awesome hats thing) is that it lacks variety. Don't get me wrong, the individual sections are awesome, but there isn't a lead or melody anywhere really enough to satisfy my ears. Once in awhile I feel like one is about to break out, but it doesn't. Its a great song, and its tight, but it feels a bit longer than it is.