So, I found this on the classifieds today, a PGM 500 with Dimarzio pickups:

It says it is from the 90´s, MIJ, and fully functional (not a collectible).
The guy is asking fro 500 euros, what do you think? Is it a good guitar? Will I have problems with the age?


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500 Euros seems a bit steep. Admittedly, it's hard to tell from a single picture, but the paint seems to be in pretty bad shape. Of course that doesn't necessarily reflect on the overall quality and playability of the instrument, but it should be reflected in the price.

The PGM 500 is a great guitar, though. Made in Japan, DiMarzio pickups and - most importantly - incredibly classy fake F-holes Assuming there's nothing wrong with the guitar, apart from maybe some cosmetic damage, try to talk the price down a bit and get it!
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