Hey guys. Can anyone help me with what would be the cheapest way to extend the reach from my board to my amp without the loss of tone? I found these, but I need three of them. 1 for my normal signal and 2 for my effects loop. And I'm hoping not to spend nearly $1000 bucks. http://www.radialeng.com/re-sgi.htm I'd like to reach at least 50 moe feet.

Thanks a lot guys!
you guys must play some massive places wow! i really have no options for you off the top of my head. maybe you just get one and prioritize. im a big proponent that live sound does not have to be as good as studio sound but obviously you still want the best tone possible.

not sure if this will help but what if you experiment with a buffered pedal. ie, get two buffered pedals. so pedal board -> 20ft cable -> buffered pedal -> 20ft cable -> amp.

might be worth a shot just to try it. good luck though
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