I'm looking to have a little more control of the tone in terms of EQing. I've read about the Sonic Maximizers and reviews seem mixed. What are you opinions between the Sonic Maximizer and normal EQ?
Also, which ever is your preference, which model of the Sonic Maximizer or name brand/model EQ?(<-pedal or rack unit).
I had a MXR 10 Band when I had my JSX; worked pretty well for me and it was relatively cheap.
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I watched a band a couple months ago and both guitar players were absolutely SCREAMIN, I do not normally care what gear the other local bands are using but I had to find out because it just sounded too good to be the normal crap that clutters our stages. I talked with them after the show and they were both running a 6505 with the bbe sonic Maximizer. It was insanely good tone. And that was literally all they were using. Nothing else in the chain but a tuner. Even the bass player had one and he smokin in tone too. I definitely vouch for the maximizer.
I had both Eq and Maximizer in mine. And IMO your wasting your money buying a BBE.

At first it was cool. Probably just because it was different. After a while i started to notice how unnatural it sounds.

I used the DBX 215 eq until the day I sold the amp and loved it. Gave it a Huge boost and well you cant exactly tame the fizz with an eq. You can definitely shape your tone better with that amp.

My vote goes for an eq. (I actually ran both at one point)
Quote by Eudslack45
Is there a reason you had the dual band EQ?

Not anything specific. i thought it would give me more options.

And after months of tweaking..... Believe it or not I did loop them and use both.

Probably a dumb choice but it sounded best that way to me.

And honestly. If I were to go back or get another 6505+. I would probably scrap the EQ idea and get the fizz mod and buy a really high end boost like a Klon or a Tim and that might be even better.

For me the eq was great mostly for the boost it gave and the ability to slightly tame the fizz.

Also about the BBE. Dont take my word for it you might like it and they can be had super cheap on used market. To me that peice was like a sexy dumb who*e

At first I was in love. Something so different, so hot

Then after a while I realized she was a dumb bit*h and kicked her to the curb.
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Haha. I've heard them through a few rigs and yes, it does make a difference. But in some of what I've read, it's explained as nothing more than a 2 band EQ.
All I'm looking to do is have a little more control of the frequencies. If I can't tame the fizz in the process, I may look into getting some sort of noise suppressor.
well, the BBE you can not control at all.

You have 2 knobs on the basic 362.

Countour and level i think.

It doesnt really tweak anything, more like a volume level and an output or mix level