im trying to make a 80's song for tonight at 6 . i got half of the lyrics done i was wondering if i could have second input. please help!

right now im doing

intro ( guitar lead melody )

This is my first time writing a song that i think is worthy enough , please help. im trying to make it epic. im a christian, and this might sound awkward but using words like iron maiden would use. hope u guys understand and thanks for your help.
And what do you want people to contribute exactly?
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So you're making a song...in less then a day?!

Try using gallopping rhythms [semiq, semiq, quaver or quaver, semiq, semiq if in X/4 time sig].

Iron Maiden also like harmonizing in diatonic thirds.


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yea im making a song in less the a day, i gotta push myself, my neighbors already said the song rocks. maybe im being too worried about all this. it prob sounds good to others
Well, if you want input on the lyrics and half of them are finished, you should include them and explain what you want to say with it.