The Ibanez would be best for metal. There'd probably be little difference between the Epi and the Vintage. 'Which is best?' isn't really a great question because it's entirely subjective
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I prefer the Epiphone over the Vintage. I've owned two LP Standards and they've both been great guitars. However, these were '90s models and they are considered to be of a better build quality than the new MIC ones. If you can. go used. The ebony ones go for pennies.

EDIT: I totally ignored the Ibanez. It's really not my cup of tea.
I'd say the vintage is the better of those les pauls. the ibanez however is a very different guitar to a les paul so its hard to compare it to the others. But I'd say it isn't as good as the vintage or the epi on the basis it has a worse sound and isn't as versatile.
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