I've been looking into buying a new desktop computer, but I don't really know anything about computers so I was wondering if anyone knowledgeable about computers could help me out. I would be getting it primarily for scholastic purposes, and I'm a political science major so that would mean mostly writing papers and whatnot. I don't want to put any sort of Photoshop software or anything like that on it, and I don't want it for recording purposes. I just want a solid computer that does all the basic stuff: the Internet, plays music, etc.

Can anyone recommend me any brands to look at/stay away from, specific models to look into, etc? Thanks.
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Avoid Vista. That's all I'm saying.
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Brand doesn't mean nearly as much for desktops as for laptops. Look for something with a dual core processor, avoiding Celerons. Go for a minimum 2GB of RAM, don't worry about disk size (you'll be hard pushed to find a new computer that's not got enough for your purposes).

Make sure it's got Windows 7 as well if you're getting a Windows PC, avoid Vista like the plague. If you've got the money consider getting a lower end (possibly used - up to 2-3 years old) Mac. I find the user interface more intuitive and slicker than Windows.

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If you're not gonna game, record music, or run extremely resource-heavy software on it just about any computer on the market will cover your needs.

I'd recommend avoiding Vista, though.
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Why a desktop?

I find them to only be useful for upgrading later on, but much less convenient. Especially if you don't care about playing the newest games.

Windows 7 is great if you're not savvy enough to use Linux. Macs are over priced but retard proof. Netbooks are dirt cheap if you want something portable that doesn't need to play games(but you can still find a netbook with a dual core processor and Nvidia ION GPU), except find one that can run 2gb or more of ram.