So i got a telecaster and it was buzzin like hell, so i decided i wanted the strings to be higher, and i adjusted the saddles so that there was no buzz/rattle-sound. Now the buzzing is away and the saddles are quite high, actually they are almost at it's max. It plays amazing and it sounds great, i'm just wondering if it is normal and if it is OK to just change the saddles, am i damaging stuff?

Just to make myself clear, in the image i posted here i changed the parts on top of the saddles not the parts on the side with the spring attached to it. Now this is not my guitar, but just a random image.


So can i just change these saddles without being mathematical about it, just by touch? Or can i damage something, even though it sounds great...

(btw is this the same as raising the action? Or is the action something else?)
Nah, you won't hurt anything by raising the saddles. There's no real method to it just adjust it however you are comfortable and whatever gives you no buzz. Yes it is the same thing, action is the term used to describe the height of the string from the frets.
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As long as you like it, its fine. They are adjustable for a reason dude
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lol i guess i dont want to break stuff by fooling around. Thanks!